FEUDING FOX HOSTS! Diva Shep Tries to Attack Hannity but Falls Flat

Why is Shepard Smith still employed by Fox News?
He’s not a “news guy,” even though his job is to man a “breaking news” desk.
Instead of giving us FACTS, Shepard Smith gives us his opinion, day after day, whether we want it or not.
No one wants it, by the way.
Sean Hannity called out Shep for his anti-Trump bias after the hysterical diva went on (yet another) factless, fake news, anti-Trump tirade.
Now Shep, who is famous for never admitting when he’s WRONG, is slamming Hannity, claiming “facts” are sometimes “displeasing.”
Ha ha ha ha.
Since when has a liberal like Shepard Smith EVER used facts for anything?
Fox News’ Shepard Smith fired back at colleague Sean Hannity Tuesday after Hannity accused Smith of being biased against President Trump.
“Sometimes facts are displeasing,” Smith told Mediaite. “Journalists report them without fear or favor.”
Earlier, Hannity used Smith as an example of the diversity of views broadcast by the network through its straight news and opinion programs.
“Shep is a friend, I like him, but he’s so anti-Trump,” Hannity said during a segment of his eponymous radio show on Monday. “I mean, he went off on a rant last week. That’s fine.”
Hannity was referring to an exchange between Smith and “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace last week in which Smith said the White House’s “deception” regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer claiming to have incriminating information about Hillary Clinton was “mind-boggling.”
But Hannity insisted he had “no problem” with Smith “vehemently” disagreeing with him.
“The media was praising Shep and he’s not the biggest fan of Trump, fine! We don’t talk politics when we hang out, when I see him we have the best time and we just have this mutual respect,” Hannity added on his radio show Monday.
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