GOP Traitors Sabotaging Obamacare Repeal Just Got Terrible News!

The traitor GOP Senators that are sabotaging Obamacare Repeal just got terrible news!
Doug Deason, a businessman and Trump donor has vowed to fund primary challengers against the traitors that went against the Trump Agenda.
These include Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and Shelly Moore Capito.
“The spineless Republican members from Maine, Arizona and West Virginia who seem to believe that Obamacare is actually succeeding,” the donor said. “It will be disappointing to see these three lose their reelection campaigns to Democrats — unless we can find better candidates to run in the primary races against them.”
“The Republicans really haven’t had the president’s back,” Radio Host and Former Trump Co-Chair Jeff Crouere told Politico. “I got involved in the Tea Party movement in 2009 and this was one of our big issues: repealing and replacing Obamacare. And we’ve been sending people up there for eight years pledging to do it, and now that we have the power we don’t do it? It’s very, very disappointing.”
Trump already began meeting with potential Flake challengers last week, and former state Sen. Kelli Ward and state Treasurer Jeff DeWitt are both interested in running for office.

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