Gutfeld Slams CNN’s Stelter Over His FAKE Outrage Over Viral Video

During a discussion over a funny “WWE meme” depicting President Trump “body-slamming” a CNN logo, Greg Gutfeld called CNN’s Brian Stelter a “tattletale” and “hairless hall monitor.”
The left-wing media has been in full-blown “meltdown” mode since Trump tweeted out the funny meme, and are behaving as if Trump has incited VIOLENCE and mayhem against the media.
Again, it was a FUNNY MEME, you humorless jackasses.
Gutfeld said that people who can’t laugh at something like this are just “humorless libs.”
“You know what I did when I first saw the tweet? I laughed,” Gutfeld said.
“I showed to my brother-in-law, who laughed. He showed it to his wife, she laughed.
Then we had breakfast because that’s what normal people do.”
 Watch the video:

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