HYPOCRITE Anti-Trump Actor with 14 Houses Vows to “Fight Global Warming”

The liberal hypocrisy continues…
Why celebrities feel they’re the best voices to fight global warming will always be a mystery.
Johnny Depp is well known for his suggestion that President Trump should suffer the same fate as Abraham Lincoln; that an actor such as him should assassinate Trump.
But now, the liberal actor is promising to fight global warming.
Depp plans to fight the impending climate change brought on by manmade destruction, all from the comfort of his 14 mansions, four private islands, private jet, and yacht.
What a joke.
From The Blaze
Movie star actor Johnny Depp recently made waves when he implied that President Trump should befall the same fate as Abraham Lincoln — being assassinated by an actor.
But although the liberal actor has exhibited opposition to global warming in the past, a recent lawsuit reveals how little he allows his green activism to affect his personal lifestyle.
According a cross-complaint filed against the actor by his former business managers, the actor owns 14 residences, including a château in France and a chain of four islands in the Bahamas.
It was not reported if any of his 14 residences were built to green energy specifications.
In 2010, Depp was voted the second best champion to fight climate change among people under 20 in the United Kingdom.
In 2009, Depp’s movie production company tried to buy the movie rights to a book dramatizing the future effects of global warming as described by a teenager in London.
Ultimately the writer signed with a different company.
According to the complaint, Depp also owned a steam-powered 156-foot yacht with a “multi-national crew of eight” employees.
The management group produced as evidence that Depp was aware of his financial problems an email where he said he would sell his possessions, but absolutely not give up flying a private jet.
The actor said that taking commercial flights would be a “nightmare of monumental proportions” because of the paparazzi.

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