HYPOCRITES : Women’s March Hired ARMED GUARDS for NRA Protest

Once again, Sharia Law advocate Linda Sarsour is leading the “Women’s March.”
This time, in protest of the NRA.
These women are pissed that “men” carry guns.
So, what do they do?
They HIRE men WITH GUNS to protect them during the protest.
From Town Hall
Organizers of the “Women’s March” and Michael Bloomberg’s gun control lobbying group Everytown are participating in an anti-National Rifle Association rally today. They are currently walking from Fairfax, Virginia to Washington D.C. as part of the resistance movement. Their main arguments?
-Real men don’t need guns
-No one is safe unless everyone is safe (whatever that means)
-Loaded guns under beds are bad
-The NRA doesn’t respect women’s rights
-The NRA is full of bigots
But what’s a leftist rally without a massive dose of hypocrisy? Turns out a number of Women’s March leaders are walking with armed security and protective vehicles.

Leftist agitators like Linda Sarsour and Shannon Watts hiring armed protection while demanding the rest of us turn in our guns into government bureaucrats is nothing new. Watts does the same every time she shows up to protest at the NRA annual meeting. Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who pays Watts millions to take away the Second Amendment rights of everyday Americans, doesn’t go anywhere without his security detail.
Meanwhile, these are the men behind the Women’s March.

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