JUSTICE : Anti-Trump Liberal Protester Sentenced to JAIL for Rioting

The leftist animals that protested on President Trump’s inauguration day were part of the domestic terror group ANTIFA.
The group, as always, caused mass chaos, violence, and destruction, by hurling rocks, setting fires, and terrorizing nearby innocent civilians.
These are the “masked” cowards who dress in all black, while trying to look like and act just like ISIS terrorists.
One of the left-wing terrorists was just sentenced to jail time for his participation.
He received 4 months.
We think he should have gotten 4 years.
From Fox News
A Tampa man was sentenced to four months in jail Friday after participating in an inauguration day riot that injured six police officers and cost tens of thousands of dollars in damages in Washington D.C.
Dane Powell, 31, was captured on video carrying a black flag while throwing rocks and bricks at D.C. police officers and shattering store windows during the 30-minute riot that spanned 16 city blocks, prosecutors said. He was also dressed in black and had part of his face covered.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Kerkhoff said Powell was spotted in Logan Circle the day before President Trump’s inauguration with gas masks and carrying the same black flag seen in the video, the Tampa Bay Times reported.
“He initiated violence,” Kerkhoff said. “He came to the District of Columbia to engage in violence by hiding his face, throwing rocks and running. He’s a violent coward.”
Kerkhoff called Powell “among the most violent” of the defendants that participated in the riot.
“He was throwing rocks and bricks at windows where people, customers and children were inside,” she said. “He charged the police line with bricks.”
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