Kaepernick, Born in Wisconsin, REJECTS the USA, Claims Ghana is His “Home”

Good grief.
If Colin Kaepernick  was down to a 1% change of getting signed by a NFL football team, he might now be down to 0%.
To get this story straight, spoiled brat Kaepernick is born in Wisconsin, raised by two incredibly nice white parents and allowed to become a millionaire in the U.S. capitalist system by playing footaball.
However, as he has made it abundantly clear, he hates the United States and now has gone even FURTHER, by calling Ghana his true “home.”
From TheScore
While the NFL world continues to debate whether Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent because of his national anthem protests, the quarterback is focused on learning more about his heritage.
Kaepernick – who’s of mixed race and was raised by adoptiveparents in Milwaukee – posted a clip Tuesday of his visit to Ghana, along with a caption that takes issue with the Fourth of July celebrations in the U.S.
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