Liberal Rag Calls For the U.S. Flag to Be Flown Upside Down to Protest Trump

Good Lord this is lame…
In an attempt to protest President Trump, liberal website Salon called for Americans to fly the flag upside down on July 4th.
Salon believes this would be a “collective signal” of our nation’s distress.
As more and more “media” outlets openly encourage seditious rebellion against our president, it is no wonder that he feels forced to defend himself against the lying press.
In a Monday pieceSalon’s Chauncey DeVega urged “people of conscience and true patriots” to fly their American flags upside down on Tuesday, the Fourth of July, “as a collective signal of our national distress” over Donald Trump’s presidency.
“America’s citizens have been traumatized, the national mood is sour, racism and bigotry are publicly resurgent, and political violence is on the rise,” declared DeVega.
“Many of Trump’s supporters appear to live in an alternate realitycreated by their Great Leader and the right-wing propaganda machine…Through Trump’s presidency, they wish to impose their political cult on all other Americans.”
In DeVega’s view, upside-down flags “would symbolize that Americans, as individuals and as a people, are much better than Donald Trump and what he represents.”
From DeVega’s piece (bolding added):
This July 4 will be the first with Donald Trump as president of the United States. The country is in distress. Donald Trump and the Republican Party are largely responsible.
They are trying to impose a “health care” bill that can reasonably be called a crime against humanity

Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign are under federal investigation for conspiring with a foreign power to undermine American democracy…Whatever the investigation may reveal, this is an unprecedented event in American history.
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