Libtard Stephen King “The News Is Real. The President Is Fake”

Looks like Stephen King is starting to believe his own fiction.
In an embarrassing rant on Twitter, King makes the grand assumption that the news is real and the president is fake.
What twisted world is this whack job living in?
Much like CNN, King has long peddled in fiction, and he should probably stick to writing books, unless he’s considering a career in fake news…
From Breitbart
“The news is real. The president is fake,” the 69-year-old Dark Tower author wrote in a tweet Sunday that quickly racked up nearly 250,000 “likes” and more than 75,000 retweets.
The message was the latest barb King lobbed at Trump on Twitter this week; over the July 4 holiday, the author said the president makes him want to “blow lunch.”
Let's be clear: Trump's "fake news" obsession is about HONEST news coverage that is unfavorable to him. Pandering to his shrinking base.
Happy 4th of July, all you Twitters, here and elsewhere. I love my country; it's just the president that makes me want to blow lunch.

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