The reason the anti-Trump #Resistance is such a massive failure is that it’s not real.
It’s not a grass-roots movement started by outraged Americans.
It’s a paid for, manufactured resistance, and it’s funded almost exclusively by communist George Soros.
That’s why it’s fizzled.
Same ol’ same ol.
People shout for impeachment, call President Trump a Nazi, hold up boring, unclever signs.
The streets of Los Angeles filled with President Donald Trump protesters, doing what the anti-Trump protesters do best — call for impeachment while waving banners with words like “illegitimate” and trying to come up with short, simple chants that rhyme with Russia.
Yawn. It’s to the point where these protests are bringing out the tepid response, here we go again. They’re lacking in punch.
They’re falling short on the relevancy scale.
They’re barely press-worthy — almost boring.
Moreover, they were met this time by significant crowds of Trump supporters.
One really has to wonder about all this anti-Trumpism that fills the streets, so far into the Trump presidency. Is Trump, for instance, as one sign holder blasted, really the “Worst President Ever!”?
He’s only been office a few months.
Surely, Ronald Reagan, with all his eight years, isn’t less hated by the left than Trump
Surely, Thomas Jefferson and the other old racist white guys haven’t been dethroned from their perches so very quickly. Maybe politicians are right; the people are fickle.
Anyhow, as anti-Trump protests go, this weekend one was pretty routine.
You had your “Down, down, down with Trump — up, up, up with the people,” chants in Los Angeles.
You had your “What do we want? Impeachment! When do we want it? Now,” in Austin, Texas.
And then there was the classic, “Lock him up” calls from San Francisco, apparently speaking of Trump.
The streets outside Trump Tower in New York City were turned into their normal shouting show-down between anti-Trumpers and the sane.
In Philadelphia, the fights turned to fisticuffs, and a couple of people were arrestedafter injuring a police officer.
A couple of spots played out funeral services, acting as if America, post-Trumpelection, were on a crash course to death.
But the protests are fizzling.
They’re lacking in sizzle.
They’re starting to fall short of relevancy.
They’re becoming too common, too commonplace, too routine.
And for those tired of the 24-7 anti-Trump charges and calls to arms, this may very well be a “finally” moment.
Maybe finally, maybe at last, the left will let well enough alone and recognize, more than seven months after the election, hey, guys, you’ll never guess what — Trump is the president.
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