LOL : Celebs LOSE THEIR SH*T Over Trump-Putin Meeting

The face-to-face meeting between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin finally happened at the G20 Summit in Germany.
It’s perfectly NORMAL for world leaders to meet – it’s actually a fundamental part of any president’s job.
However, insane liberals have created such a kooky conspiracy theory around “Russia” with this fake news “Trump-Russia” collusion story, that they think it’s somehow WRONG for the two to meet.
Never was that more clear, than by the meltdown unhinged, low-info celebs had over the meeting.
They literally LOST it!

The one and only positive in all this: Trump has brought the entire world together in the disgust we feel here at home. 
Trump is willing to take Putin purely at his word, but not our own IC agencies. It's a farce. He knows they interfered. He courted it. 

H/T – Breitbart
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