LOL : CNN Admits They FAILED to Convince Any Trump Voters of Their Russia B.S.

The pundits at CNN are very sad indeed.
In an article entitled “Why is Trump’s base ignoring collusion story” they lament at how loyal Trump voters are to the President and question why we don’t trust THEM instead.
Uh, maybe we are just a little too smart to fall for CNN’s 24/7 FAKE NEWS propaganda that is meant only to pander to liberal viewers and has no relation to TRUTH or ACCURACY.
We are not even going to link the article or video because their lies are not worth your time. If you want to see it you can find it by googling the title from the screen shot.
Sorry CNN, yes, you FAILED.
That is why you are still ranked #13 below #1 Fox News and even below Nick at nite and re-runs of Yogi Bear.
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