LOL : Merkel Campaign Declares U.S. is “NO LONGER A FRIEND”

When the woman who has single-handily destroyed Europe with her “refugees welcome” globalist ideology says you’re no longer a “friend,” you should probably be proud.
That’s exactly what Merkel’s campaign has said about the United States.
We went from a “most important friend” when Obama was in office, to a “most important partner.”
According to camp Merkel, that’s a real downgrade.
According to the Trump Train, that’s GREAT NEWS!
From The Hill
The German election program produced by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party no longer refers to the U.S. as a “friend,” Reuters reported Monday.
The program — which represents the Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union parties — now calls the U.S. Germany’s “most important partner” outside of Europe.
The 2013 edition described the U.S. as Germany’s “most important friend” outside Europe and called the “friendship” a “cornerstone” of German foreign and trade policies, according to Reuters.
This change in wording highlights the divide between Merkel and President Trump since Trump took office. Merkel said in May that Germany could no longer “completely depend” on the U.S. as a consistent partner.
Merkel also tried to convince Trump to not leave the Paris climate agreement and called their talks on climate at the Group of 7 summit “unsatisfying.”
She told Germany’s Parliament last week that she’s ready to confront Trump about climate at the upcoming Group of 20 summit in Germany.
Trump frequently criticized Merkel during the U.S. presidential campaign last year, attacking her immigration policy as “insane.”
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