LOL : President Trump SHREDS Obama While in Poland

During a recent visit to Poland, President Trump wasted no time slamming former President Barack Hussein Obama for his mishandling of the so-called “Russian meddling” in the 2016 election.
Trump correctly stated that Obama turned the other way, ignoring the threat of “Russian interference,” because he believed Hillary Clinton would win the election.
After all, if the Russian meddling was such a big issue for the American people, why didn’t Obama address it?
The reason is simple.
The “Russians” became significant when it was politically advantageous to the left, both in making an excuse for Hillary’s loss, and in trying to remove President Trump.
Even though Hillary Clinton was a truly horrible candidate, the left never thought America would elect Donald Trump, so all of a sudden the Russia narrative became their focus.
Boy, weren’t they shocked?
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