LOL : This Celeb Just Called Anti-Trump Hollywood “Filthy Low-Lives”

Hollywood is suffering from an acute case of TDS, or “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”
Celebs suffering from TDS are filled with rage, hate, and an unhealthy and abnormal obsession with President Trump.
They’re issuing death threats against the president, staging beheading photo shoots, and spreading fake news and misinformation about our “America First” President.
Thankfully, not everyone in Hollywood is a blithering idiot.
Comedian Jackie Mason, who supports President Trump, is calling out his fellow-celebs as “filthy low-lives” for their treatment of our president.
Finally, a voice of reason!
In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.
In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie absolutely goes off on anti-Donald Trump Hollywood celebrities like Cher, Barbra Streisand, and Johnny Depp, explaining that instead of picking up books or newspapers to educate themselves, they’re always just in search of the next mirror so they can stare at their own faces.
“Did you hear about Cher? She just had about 87 face-lifts,” Jackie says. “Now she resents the Republicans because they’re about to knock out Obamacare. And she’s wondering: How am I gonna pay for another 87 face-lifts?”
Jackie also dinged Streisand, who claimed she had gained weight due to stress-eating in the wake of Trump’s election.
 “Since Trump got elected, she can’t live with it, so she finds herself eating day and night,” Jackie jokes. “And she’s saying to herself, ‘How could I get rid of this guy? I can’t walk around this fat!’”
Jackie also calls out George Lopez, who said last week that America should “deport” its police if it wants to keep safe, and Rob Reiner, who recently claimed that Russia has “invaded” the United States.
“Do you see any Russians in your house? When did they invade us?”
Jackie saved perhaps his sharpest criticism for Johnny Depp, who recently made a comment that many took to be an endorsement of an assassination attempt against Trump, when he asked, ‘When’s the last time an actor assassinated a president?”
“Do you think he should be allowed to even live in this country after he said what he said?” Jackie says. “I would call him a low-life, but I don’t think that’s an adequate word for a pig like that.”
At the end of the day, Jackie says it doesn’t matter all that much, because the “celebrities of America” are really only important to themselves.
“There’s nobody in America who cares what they think about any subject, because we all know they’re ignorant people who never see anything except the mirror,” he explains.
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