LOL VIDEO : CNN Host Gets Badly Triggered By the Truth “This is NOT Real News”

This is hilarious because GOP Congressman Scott Taylor refuses to play into CNN’s hands and instead destroys the premise of their fake news coverage to begin with.
CNN is trying to make a massive deal out of the nothing-burger joke Trump tweet of him body slamming a person with a CNN logo on his face.
Just as his WWE appearance was fake, it was clearly just a joke but the pathetic sore losers at CNN will take any chance they can to play the liberal victim card.
Libtard CNN host Alisyn Camerota is upset that Taylor does not see things HER way.
She acts like Trump’s silly “WWE” tweet is some serious threat that she has been crying about for days.
Instead he tells her CNN is a joke because they just get outraged over silly tweets and don’t cover any REAL news.
That upsets Camerota even more as she knows it is true so she gets even MORE angered and triggered at him.
It’s hilarious! 
Watch this video:
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