LOL VIDEO : Colbert Just Made the DUMBEST Prediction About “Don Jr. Scandal”

Liberals are painfully stupid.
They have got to be the most low-info, clueless dumbbells on the planet.
These are the people who think “mean tweets” are an impeachable offense.
Now, they’re salivating and losing their minds over yet another Russia “nothing-burger.”

This one involves President Trump’s eldest son, Don Jr., who met with a Russian lawyer who “claimed” to have dirt on Hillary’s dealings with Russian officials.
The Russian is also a private citizen, in no way connected to Kremlin.
Oh, and Hillary’s camp did the same thing, only with ACTUAL Ukranian officials.
Yet, with all that said, idiots like Stephen Colbert are calling this an “all you can eat, prosecutor’s buffet.”
Watch the video:

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