Look Which Celebrity Just Called for Trump’s ASSASSINATION

When will the left stop with the hate and violence?
The answer to that question may shock you, but it’s the truth.
They will only stop after they’ve succeeded in getting President Donald Trump assassinated.
Each time one of these unhinged celebrities tweets out, or announces an “assassination joke,” they’re sending well-crafted dog whistles to other unhinged loons, who they HOPE will carry out their orders and kill President Trump.
This latest assassination threat comes from long-time anti-Trump sycophant Rosie O’Donnell.
O’Donnell is promoting a game where you push Trump off a cliff.
This woman has so many of her own personal problems – including an adopted daughter who hates her guts – yet all she does is obsess over President Trump.
It’s either a clear case of Trump Derangement Syndrome or a desperate PR effort to stay in the spotlight.
Either way, as stated above, these calls for assassination are clearly part of a coordinated plan by the evil, hateful left to destroy our America First President by any means necessary.

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