Look Who’s Running the Failed DNC From Behind the Scenes

Well, well, well…
Turns out Obama has had his dirty, little hands in the DNC since he left office.
According to reports, he’s had an active role in rebuilding the Democratic party.
Well, considering they’re 0-4, we’d say he’s not exactly doing a bang-up job.
Obama, who left office January 20, has regular “check ins” with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez, one aide told The Hill.
He will campaign for Democratic candidates this fall and publicly decried the Republican plan to replace Obamacare.
The former president has a larger role behind the scenes of the Democratic party.
He’s met privately with various lawmakers who are trying to build party consensus after a devastating presidential election in 2016 and multiple defeats in special elections this spring.
“[Obama] doesn’t want the focus to be on him,” one source close to Obama said. “He doesn’t want to be out in front.”
During one conversation with Perez, Obama said “Hey man, it’s only the future of the world in your hands,” a DNC staffer told The Hill.

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