LYING MSNBC Reporter Incorrectly Blames Trump for Something RIDICULOUS

The fake news media outlets are so desperate to blame President Trump for anything and everything these days.
It’s almost surprising they haven’t tried to retroactively blame Trump for slavery, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, or World War II.
Now, MSNBC’s Katy Tur has falsely blamed our president and his common sense travel ban for the recent visa problems encountered by an Afghan robotics team.
As tempting as it would be to make a “Clock Boy” joke, Trump’s travel ban had absolutely nothing to do with the Afghan tech team not being able to enter the country.
After all, Afghanistan isn’t even on the list of countries which are denied access!
This is another great example of the liberal media’s extreme bias and anti-Trump agenda.
Facts do not matter to these people, only their twisted narrative, and their desire to hurt President Trump.
The pushers of fake news are so blatant, and so unrepentant for their outright lies, that they have no hesitation to completely dishonor themselves in order to portray our president in a negative light.
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