Mad Max Backpedals, Claims She’s “Just Joking”

Maxine “Mad Max” Waters had the whole country in hysterics on Thursday, when she suggested that she was considering a 2020 run.
People were doubled over in laughter at the thought of the low-info, “screaming-mimi” making a bid for the White House.
Waters has emerged as a complete “joke” in terms of opposition to President Trump.
No one ‘fears’ her – people are amused by her silly antics, constant gaffs and blunders.
Yet, the Democrat Party is hailing her a leader and the “fresh face” of the party.
Now, after indicating she’d consider a run, Waters is claiming she was “just joking,” and has no plans to run for president.
Darn it, we would have LOVED that!
From The Hill
Maxine Waters will be the first to tell you she’s not running for president.
Yet the buzz surrounding the long-serving California Democrat has reached a fever pitch this year, as she’s lobbed bomb after bomb at President Trump.
Waters is emerging as the president’s harshest congressional critic, enraging Trump’s conservative supporters and electrifying the Democrats’ liberal base, some of whom are pushing –– only slightly tongue-in-cheek –– for Waters to launch her own White House bid.
It is not, she says, going to happen.
“I said, jokingly, ‘If the millennials wanted me to do it, I’d do it,’” Waters told The Hill on Thursday. “But it’s a joke.”
That’s no indication, however, that Waters intends to relax her aggressive campaign against the president –– an effort that’s featured a boycott of Trump’s inauguration ceremony; suggestions that his actions might merit impeachment; a near endless circuit of damning interviews on cable news; and a long and growing list of invitations to visit Democratic districts across the country.
“I was absolutely appalled by what I learned about Trump during the campaign and the way that he conducted himself, the way that he treated women and the handicapped, and the way that he basically had an agenda that polarized our society,” Waters said, explaining the genesis of her campaign.
“So out of that, I decided to speak up, and to speak out, and to let others know how I felt.
“I really did think there were others who were having the same discomfort with him that I was having,” she added. “And I thought that it was important for them to know that a member of Congress, an elected official, was feeling this way.”
Though Waters’s criticisms may have originated from the campaign, it wasn’t until January that she emerged as the face of the anti-Trump movement.
That’s when the California lawmaker stepped up to a microphone following a classified briefing with then-FBI Director James Comey and suggested that Trump’s win was illegitimate.
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