MAGA : See What Trump is Doing With his First Presidential Paycheck

President Trump said from the start that he would not take a dollar of his yearly White House salary as president, and he’s keeping his word.
Trump’s first-quarter salary is in, at a total of $78,333.32, and he’s donating it to a very special cause.
The president has donated his first paycheck to the National Park Service, which will use the donation to help restore the Antietam National Battlefield, and preserve America’s great history.
Of course, liberals are immediately criticizing Trump’s decision, rather than focus on the fact that he is keeping his word and not taking a penny of the money.
Our America First President proves, yet again, that he is dedicated to restoring our country to its former glory, and is not motivated by money.
President Donald Trump previously vowed not to take a single dollar of his $400,000 annual White House salary — and so far, he’s made good on that promise.
Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced on Wednesday that Trump’s first-quarter salary donation to the National Park Service will be used for two restoration projects at the Antietam National Battlefield:

Trump’s first three months of salary adds up to $78,333.32. The check handed over the National Park Service covers from the day Trump took office through April.

As usual, the president’s critics were still furious about the donation.
Well, you can’t win over everyone.

Where would you like to see Trump’s next quarter salary donation go?
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