Mark Levin’s “Trump Coup” Rant is the BEST THING You’ll Hear Today!

Conservative powerhouse Mark Levin had the most EPIC rant on his radio show Friday evening.
He went off on the “coup effort” to unseat President Donald Trump, and the brazen Democratic hypocrisy.
The story the lying liberal media focused on this week was a Trump Tower meeting between a Russian lawyer and three members of Trump’s campaign.
Levin says the amount of time the media has spent covering the story reveals their anti-Trump bias.
Why didn’t they cover meetings that Obama had with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American-Islamic Relations, two organizations with terrorism ties?
“Anybody remember Barack Obama meeting with a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Anybody remember the multiple occasions when the Muslim Brotherhood had official visits at the White House? Any investigation of that?” Levin began.
“How about CAIR? Meetings with CAIR. Does that bother anybody? Obama having meetings with CAIR. CAIR having its way with the White House and so forth,” Levin continued. “You have the president of the United States meeting with the Muslim brotherhood, meeting with members of CAIR. You have a president of the United States selling out the United States to a regime in Iran with secret deals bypassing the treaty clause of the Constitution.”
Listen to the audio:

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