Media OBSESSES Over Don Jr, Ignores Hillary’s Russia/Uranium Connection

The lying liberal media loves to cherry picks its daily agenda to suit their “Destroy Trump” narrative.
Talking about a “nothing burger” story, spun into a wild “scandal” involving Don Trump Jr., will get them much higher ratings with their audiences than focusing on an actual story about Hillary, Russia, and the sale of Uranium, which no one would care about.
So instead, they ignore the FACTS and report the fake news.
They were obsessed: ABC, CBS, NBC evening news shows have been dominated by one subject this week: Donald J. Trump Jr.’s 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower — “a meeting in which apparently no favors, money or meaningful information was exchanged,” writes analyst Geoffrey Dickens, in a new study for, a conservative press watchdog.
In the past four nights, the “Big Three” networks devoted over 62 minutes of airtime to Mr. Trump’s story he said, after tabulating the content of the coverage.
But those same news sources all but ignored “Hillary Clinton’s Russia-Uranium scandal” two years ago the analyst noted.
The total airtime for this subject amounted to a grand total of three minutes during the entire two-year period, Mr. Dickens found.
He recalls that Peter Schweizer — author of the 2015 book “Clinton Cash” — broke the story that a Canadian uranium company, seeking approval of a sale to the Russian government from then-Secretary of State Clinton’s State Department, had donated millions to the Clinton Foundation.
“At the time, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was considered the favorite to win the Democratic nomination but the networks couldn’t care less,” Mr. Dickens noted in his analysis.

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