Melania Trump Did Something VERY SPECIAL With Sick Children in Paris Hospital

We have the best FLOTUS!
Not only is she graceful, beautiful, and elegant, but she’s brilliant and compassionate as well.
Melania Trump, who is fluent in 5 languages, put one of them to good use today, when she visited a children’s hospital in France.
Our FLOTUS went to a Paris hospital to visit with sick children, and took the opportunity to speak French with them.
Melania Trump’s visits with hospitalized children are quickly becoming a tradition during her trips abroad with President Trump.
On Thursday, Trump visited Necker Hospital while in Paris.
The first lady spoke briefly in French with six children, the Associated Press reported. She introduced herself and asked how they were doing before relying on a translator.
Trump told a 14-year-old girl in a wheelchair that she looked “very good, very strong.”
“Soon you’ll be walking and running,” Trump said after the girl told her she’d be leaving the hospital next week for rehabilitation.
The director of Paris’ public hospital system, Martin Hirsch, gifted a copy of The Little Prince to Trump.
“I will keep it, practice my French,” Trump said while thanking Hirsch.
After her visit, Trump tweeted that she had “continued prayers for good health for all

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