MSNBC JACKASS Insults Every Republican American with THIS Statement

Leave it to a perpetually butt-hurt liberal to make the most asinine statement possible.
This time, MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who is known for her unhinged ranting and raving, is trying to outdo herself in terms of left-wing insanity.
Speaking on “All In With Chris Hayes,” Reid said that the Republican Party is “built on resentment and a sense of victimhood,” and claimed Republicans “felt persecuted by the world.”
To anyone who HASN’T been living under a rock for the past 8 years, it sounds like Reid is describing the Democratic Party perfectly.
Liberals just can’t help themselves, and they are completely unable to pass up any opportunity to say the dumbest thing imaginable.
MSNBC’s Joy Reid said on Thursday that President Donald Trump can make Republicans “literally accept anything.”
Appearing as a guest on “All In With Chris Hayes,” Reid explained that Trump saw trends in the GOP and took advantage of it.
“This is a Republican Party that’s been built on resentment and a sense of victimhood, a sense of persecution – almost a persecution complex – for more than 40 years, almost 50 years, going back to the dawn of the Civil Rights movement when they felt persecuted by the world,” Reid said.
She said that Trump “gets that” and “gets them,” and that’s why he can make Republicans “literally accept anything.”
“And not only will the voters, so will the elected officials,” Reid continued. “He’s cowed senators, members of Congress. He has cowed the officialdom of the Republican Party. He’s cowed the Speaker of the House.”
She said that’s been made clear by the Republican non-response to reports about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer.
“They all are now for collusion,” she concluded.
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