NEW POLL : Majority of Trump Supporters Love His Tweets

Despite what the lying media says, the results are in, and people overwhelmingly LOVE President Trump’s tweets!
According to a new poll conducted by leading conservative site Drudge Report, 77% of their readers support the president’s tweets.
President Trump uses social media in a way that no other president has; he is able to completely bypass the lying media, allowing him to get his message to the American people directly.
Keep on tweeting, Mr. President!
From Infowars
The Drudge Report conducted a poll asking readers if they would like to see President Trump continue using social media or not, and the message is loud and clear: America loves Trump tweets.
With nearly half a million votes cast at the time of this writing, support for the President’s use of socials stands at a stunning 77.45% with less than one in four respondents wishing he would stop.
The results starkly contradict findings from a Fox News phone poll of 1,017 viewers, 71% of whom felt that Trump was ‘hurting his agenda’ by using Twitter. The average age of Fox viewers is 68.
The Drudge poll was launched in the wake a liberal meltdown after Trump’s tweets about affianced MSNBC co-hosts “low IQ Crazy Mika” Brzezinski and “Pyscho Joe” Scarborough, and after the initial 175,000 votes had been cast, 74.46% backed Trump tweets.
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