CNN has been rocked by a series of scandals that have thoroughly exposed them for their shameless fake news.
It all started with a “Trump-Russia” hit piece published on their website, which was soon found to be a complete fabrication.
CNN was forced to retract the piece and issue an apology.
After that, things just got worse.

Undercover journalists at Project Veritas busted CNN producers on hidden camera admitting the Trump-Russia story was a “fake news witch-hunt” and “bullshit.”
But it got even worse for CNN…
Popular CNN host, Van Jones, was busted saying the Trump-Russia narrative is a “nothing burger,” and a CNN New Day producer was caught on camera calling American voters “stupid as shit,” and attacking Kellyanne Conway’s appearance, saying her face looks like it was “hit with a shovel.”
Well, the ratings are out, and CNN just took another HIT.
Looks like the American public have had it with phony propaganda news, and they’re tuning out.

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CNN's total viewership from Wednesday. That their primetime lineup is all under 1 million is something else...this a major issue.


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