NYT Goes Gaga for “Auntie Maxine” Praises Her “Outspoken Style”

The New York Times clearly is running out of material.
They recently published a 1,300-word article, swooning over liberal moonbat Maxine Waters.
The article gushed over Mad Max’s “outspoken style,” and lovingly referred to her as “Auntie Maxine.”
Ah, yes…that wonderful “outspoken style” where she can’t remember names or facts and constantly rambles about impeaching Trump on baseless accusations.
Yep, she’s a real treasure.
Writing in the Saturday print edition of The New York Times, national politics and social justice reporter Yamiche Alcindor took fellow lefties on a nearly-1,300 word trip through time, praising controversial, far-left Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters (Calif.) as “Auntie Maxine” tries to bring down President Trump.
“Maxine Waters runs around the U.S. Capitol these days — moving fast in heels as she balances back-to-back television interviews, speeches, hearings and hugs from millennials who have called her ‘Auntie Maxine’ to celebrate her outspoken style,” Alcindor began, setting the tone following one a colleague pennedon Kamala Harris.
Alcindor offered only sprinkles of criticism, including her corrupt past and the suggestion that her constant freak-outs whenever she’s near a microphone have been all for show.
Alas, whenever Alcindor would drop nuggets about that point of view, they were immediately rebutted with more ink.
She built on that yucky lede with more on the far-left spirit animal [emphasis mine]:
It is an odd new celebrity for a 78-year-old Washington fixture who has logged more than 25 years in the House, representing Los Angeles, from gritty but gentrifying Inglewood to largely white, working-class Torrance.

But in President Trump, her sharp tongue has found its perfect target, and Auntie Maxine has gone viral.
Ms. Waters never seems to tire of pressing this case.
She has labeled Mr. Trump a “disgusting, poor excuse of a man.”
She has called Mr. Trump and his associates “the Kremlin Klan” and began calling for his impeachment soon after he took office.
A brief nod was given to how “the president’s defenders have labeled her ignorant, an embarrassment, ‘Dirty Waters’ and ‘Crazy Maxie,’” but it was quickly back to hyping that Waters has overcome such accusations to having “remade herself from Los Angeles ward politician to a darling of the left.”
After footnoting her one-day suspension from the House floor in 1994 for rude behavior, Alcindor touted fluffy quotes from Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond (La.) and a constituent visiting Washington.
She added how Waters has “easily held her seat” since her election (but no complaints about gerrymandering or being in office too long).

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