Olbermann Tries to Attack Eric Trump, but Ends up Getting NUKED Instead

Keith Olbermann is the idiotic leader of the anti-Trump #Resistance.
Arguably, one of the most ineffective political movements of our lifetime.
Olbermann, who suffers from TDS, or “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” is always looking for a fight with President Trump.
He took a swipe at President Trump’s son Eric and was knocked out so bad, he’s still passed out on the ground!
From IJR
Left-wing provocateur Keith Olbermann really stepped into it on Saturday morning.
The former MSNBC and Current TV host reacted to a tweet from Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway. Conway’s tweet was in response to Turning Point USA Founder Charlie Kirk, who said, “The way the media is reacting you would think Don JR had a foundation that illegally took millions of dollars in exchange for favors.”
Conway tweeted back — taking a shot at the Clinton Foundation:

Olbermann couldn’t help himself, so he butted in. Then he fired off a tweet that got the attention of President Donald Trump’s son, Eric:

Eric, who isn’t as outspoken as his brother Don Jr., spoke up. And Eric took a swing at Olbermann for the knockout:

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