OOPS! Jeh Johnson Makes a Shocking Admission, Trump Voters Cheering!

On Thursday, Obama’s former Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson made a shocking admission.
To make a long story short, Johnson argues Trump’s rhetoric has caused a decrease in illegal immigration.
However, rather than give President Trump rightful kudos, he attacks him because Johnson considers Trump’s “inflammatory rhetoric” to be mean….
Yup, he values being NICE to illegals over protecting the SECURITY of innocent Americans.
Johnson clearly does not like the fact that now that his failed boss is out of the White House, law and order is being restored.
“Through his rhetoric, he scared off a lot of women and children in Central America who’d rather stay in their desperate circumstances or just migrate to Mexico and stop there,” Johnson said.
“But these are really desperate women and children, women with babies in their arms, who are trying to flee the poverty and violence in the countries they left.”
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