Pathetic Liberal Media Now Whining Over Lack of Spanish White House Website

The pathetic liberal media is upset the White House website is not also in Spanish.
English is the national language and there’s really no need to pander to those who can’t even read it.

The reality is it’s likely only a lot of ILLEGALS that are affected as LEGAL hispanics can read English just fine.
That’s the take from The Associated Press in response to the administration taking too long to revamp the Spanish language version of the White House website.
The AP declared “the Trump White House no habla español,” drawing attention to the website still being down and complaining that the Spanish Twitter account uses too much English text.
After a succession of administrations that embraced Spanish-language content, President Donald Trump’s White House is all but ignoring Spanish speakers even though he has a robust online presence in English.
His administration has yet to offer a Spanish White House website. It has eliminated the position of director of Hispanic media outreach. And its Spanish-language Twitter account is heavy with English text and features sloppy translations.
The news agency quoted a Hispanic Democrat strategist saying the White House has “written off the Latino vote” and reminded their readers of Trump’s comments during the campaign about the U.S. being a country where “you have to speak English.”

The criticism is consistent with the liberal narrative that intentionally conflates illegal immigrants with those in the U.S. legally,
White House director of media affairs Helen Aguirre Ferre told The AP the website is set to launch later in the year and reminded them the beloved Obama administrationtook nine months to launch its Spanish version.
…likely with far less notoriety.
Nonetheless, the report comes at a time when some are asking if there’s a need for “a bold new national initiative that would motivate and inspire all non-English speakers to learn English.”
As politically incorrect as it may be in today’s climate to connect English proficiency to successful assimilation.

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To Hell with political correctness — time for a national ‘speak English’ initiative? 
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