Pathetic Liberal Media Replacing Fake Russia Narrative with Fake Impeachment Narrative

The pathetic liberal media is replacing their fake Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory mongering with a NEW fake narrative.
Even since CNN got caught red handed with shoddy reporting in a desperate attempt to tie Trump to Russia despite no real evidence of collusion, the rest of the liberal media has finally backed off the tale.
The NEW baloney storyline?
That Trump could get impeached based on a bunch of partisan hackDemocrats claiming he’s mentally ill.
Everyone with half a brain knows this bill is purely for “show” and will go NOWHERE.
Skopos Labs rated the probability at 1% (probably even LOWER, but they rounded to one.)
However that has not stopped liberal propaganda Yahoo News from giving liberals who hate Trump FALSE HOPE with headlines that claim there is a serious chance of Trump impeachment due to this ridiculous “purely for show” bill.

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