Petition to FORCE All Members of Congress to USE OBAMACARE

Obamacare is a massive failure.
It’s not only killing the economy, it has also obliterated the American middle-class.
How fair is it that hardworking, middle-class Americans are now shouldered with the burden of paying for everyone who either can’t afford insurance or refuses to get off their lazy butts to work for it?
Furthermore, how fair is it that the idiots who created, passed, and now REFUSE to REPEAL this horrific law, have exempted themselves from using the crappy health care system?
It’s not fair.
If we’re expected to live with this garbage, they should too.
Please sign the new petition, demanding Congress be forced to use Obamacare.

Sign petition here.

Make sure you share the petition, so we can get the White House to address this matter.

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