Pocahontas Warren Refuses Brilliant “Troll Gift” From Her Senate Opponent

Fake cherokee indian Elizabeth Warren who falsely claimed Native American ancestry to benefit from affirmative action in her career has never admitted her lie.
She perhaps could get away with her fib 20 years ago, but not today, when a simple $99 DNA test that only requires you to put a Q-tip under your tongue can determine your ancestry.
If Warren was truly cherokee why would she not take 10 seconds and spend $99 to vindicate herself?
Well, the whole world knows it is because SHE KNOWS it will show she’s a bald faced LIAR.

Her Senate opponent, VA Shiva who ironically is a REAL Indian tech genius who invented email as we know it, thought of the perfect “troll gift” for Elizabeth Warren.
Shiva sent her a DNA test, so Warren would not even have to PAY to prove she was a true Cherokee.
But alas, it was not to be.
Shiva tweeted that fake cherokee Warren refused to take the test and returned the DNA test for a refund.
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