POLL : 60% of French People Believe Islam is Incompatible With Society

According to a new poll, 60% of French people do not think Islam is compatible with French society.
The majority of the French population believes that Islam is a religion that seeks to impose its will on others.
This is pretty surprising to hear, considering that the French have allowed Islam to dominate their country, and they just signed their death sentence by electing Emanuel Macron.
From Infowars
60% of the French believe Islam is incompatible with French society, which is incredibly high given that only 8% would say the same about Catholicism and 19% about Judaism.
A further breakdown of the figures reveals that 74% of people believe that Islam seeks to impose its will on others, as opposed to 18% of people who believed the same about Catholicism.

The French are also fed up with mass immigration it would seem, 65% feel there are too many foreign people in France, according to the poll, which is down slightly from the 70% who said the same in 2013. (We guess 4 years of mass immigration would skew the results a little bit!)
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