President Trump Just Explained Why He’ll NEVER Stop Tweeting!

President Trump just brilliantly explained why he will NEVER stop tweeting or posting on Facebook.
The fact of the matter is President Trump used social media to defeat FAKE NEWS media and by bypassing the mainstream media Americans get the TRUTH.

Americans overwhelmingly know CNN is nothing but liberal establishment propaganda 24/7.
It doesn’t matter how many times crybaby Jim Acosta claims he is not fake news, the people know the TRUTH.
In fact, President Trump joked #FakeNews CNN should get a new nickname and be changed to #FraudNewsCNN!
White House Social Media director Dan Scavino also tweeted a cartoon that perfectly describes why Team Trump will NEVER quit social media.

The same pundits & haters who suggested POTUS@realDonaldTrump stop using social media, suggested the exact same from 6/16/2015-11/8/2016.

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