Pro Sharia Law Linda Sarsour Blocks Celebrity Trump Supporter on Twitter

Linda Sarsour is officially triggered.
The terrorist-loving, Sharia law advocating, anti-Semitic Women’s March organizer is actually making a list of all the people who have “wronged her” and is then blocking them on Twitter.
Somehow, Roseanne Barr made it on that list.
Not sure what Roseanne ever did to Sarsour, but either way it’s pretty damn funny.
Linda has recently even feuded with CNN’s Jake Tapper, calling him “Alt-Right” and claiming that he attacked her on social media.
Sarsour, who has ties to several Islamic terrorist organizations, and is an open advocate for Sharia law, is actually touted as a “feminist” by the Democrats now, which is rather oxymoronic in itself.

I know it’s a long-shot, but it would kind of be a badge of honor to make that list.
Sadly, while (to my knowledge) neither I nor any of my fellow Chicks have made it onto Linda Sarsour’s sh*t list, Linda has publicly expressed disdain for at least one famous individual. Comedian Roseanne Barr, who she has apparently blocked on Twitter –

Yep. That happened. Not sure why, exactly. It’s not clear why Sarsour would have a beef with Roseanne Barr. But you have to admit – it’s kind of funny.
There are theories, though –

That would also be the very definition of a “feminist.”
Sarsour is such a big tough voice for social justice, but she can’t handle the idea of Roseanne Barr being able to contact her via Twitter? Oh sure, THAT’S the biggest problem you have, lady.
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