Proof Poland LOVES President Trump!

President Trump started his European tour with a stop in Poland.
Poland is a country ripe with NATIONALISM, patriotism, and that same “MAGA” vibe that propelled President Trump to the White House.
The Polish government has rejected the suicidal “Refugees Welcome” policy, and has refused to take in ANY Islamic migrants.
Not surprisingly, they’ve had no mass “terrorist” issues, or widespread rape epidemics.
The Polish people are ecstatic to host President Trump, and came out in their MAGA hats, with Trump flags, and lots of pomp and circumstance.

Not even our mainstream media would show this amount of respect of respect for @realDonaldTrump. What a reception from Poland!

These excerpts from Trump's speech from Krasinski Square in Poland today are pretty badass and nationalistic 👏 🇺🇸

POTUS @realDonaldTrump w/ Poland President Andrzej Duda @ the Royal Castle for one-on-one meeting prior to expanse bilateral. 

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