Queen of Fake News gets OWNED after Making IDIOTIC Comment

When members of the lying liberal media hear the term “fake news,” they know EXACTLY what is being referenced: them.
Rather than attempting to have a shred of dignity, or journalistic integrity, and fix their blatant left-wing bias, they instead double down on their unprofessional behavior, trying to pass the blame off to others.
For Katie Couric, known as one of the “godfathers of fake news,” this is especially true.
In a shocking display of liberal audacity, Couric made a statement recently on the topic of fake news, which she claimed is “tearing America apart at the seams.”
She’s correct about that, but the problem with her comment is that she has been one of the biggest purveyors of fake news, and has been caught red-handed pushing tailored information and outright lies more than once.
Couric found herself in hot water with Twitter users after her ridiculous comment, who quickly pointed out her glaring hypocrisy, as well as past incidents of her own peddling in fake news…
From Fox News
Katie Couric caused a controversy when she commented on fake news.
The Yahoo News anchor said in an interview Thursday she believes the fake newsphenomenon is “tearing [America] apart at the seams.”
But her critics were quick to chime in and claim Couric has been part of the problem.

Couric was hit with a $12 million lawsuit over her documentary “Under the Gun” in 2016. Pro-gun activists accused Couric of deceptive editing, but the case was dismissed in May.
After the edits garnered widespread attention, Couric took responsibility for the headline-making portions of the film. Couric wrote in a May 2016 message on the film’s website that she regrets not raising her initial concerns about the segment “more vigorously.”
She also faced a similar accusation for her 2014 documentary “Fed Up.”
A subject from “Fed Up,” which focuses on the food industry and obesity, came forward in 2016 to say he was misrepresented in the documentary.
“They had reached out to me…and indicated to me that they were particularly interested in having a diversity of viewpoints,” Dr. David Allison, who appeared in “Fed Up,” told “FOX & Friends” in June 2016.
Allison said he was taped for 90 minutes, but the film only included a small fraction of his interview, which he said portrayed him incorrectly.
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