Refugees Turn a German Festival Into “Rape Fest”

The disintegration of Europe continues…
Islamic refugees in Germany flooded a festival and started raping young women and attacking police.
This is all thanks to Angela Merkel, who’s opened her country to unvetted migrants, putting her own citizens in grave danger.
What is it going to take for Europe to stop allowing this influx of Islamic refugees and start putting their citizens first?
From Infowars
The so-called “asylum seekers” invaded the Volksfest in Baden-Wuerttemberg over the weekend, committing three sexual assaults on Friday alone and more throughout the festivities.
One of the victims was a 17-year-old girl who was held down by three Afghan migrants, according to police.
The police also believe there’s more rape victims who have not yet reported the crimes.
“We hope that further possible victims or witnesses report to us,” said a police official in nearby Aalen.
Additionally, around 1,000 youths gathered at Schorndorf Castle near the festival grounds and chunked bottles at visitors and police.
The situation so bad that German police were forced to admit the suspects arrested included Muslim migrants, a fact they normally try to conceal from the public.
“The violence towards the police was frightening,” an official stated, adding that it was unheard of until now.
The mayor of Schorndorf, Matthias Klopfer, had some usually strong words to say about the violence, given that German politicians typically preach “tolerance” in response to migrant rape.
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