Rush Just EXPOSED the Left’s “Genuine Hatred for This Country”

Rush Limbaugh recently pointed out the left’s extreme hatred for America on his talk-radio show.
It’s a sad truth, but liberals stand against America and its values more often than not.
Their hatred has grown ten-fold since Trump has taken office, and it’s inspired violent acts like the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia.

The left has developed a genuine “hatred” for America, and nothing triggers it so quickly as reminders about how great the nation is, talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh says.
Such as President Trump’s speech last week in Poland in which he praised Western civilization and said the key to its future is its regard for family and values.
Chris Buskirk, co-author with Seth Leibsohn of the new book  “American Greatness,” praised the speech.
“This is somebody who gets it,” he said.

“This is somebody who understands that Western civilization is uniquely valuable and the United States has a leading role to play in Western civilization and in the defense of Western civilization. When I heard the president’s speech in Poland, I thought to myself, ‘This is better than I ever thought!’ And I thought he was going to be really good! So it’s really exceeded all expectations.”
Buskirk made the comments in a recent interview on the “Freedom Friday” radio show with Carl Gallups, the author of “When the Lion Roars.”
Both Gallups and Buskirk noted with amusement how fiercely the left-wing media opposed Trump’s speech, even though it was in defense of ideals many Americans would define as self-evidently good.

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