Russian Lawyer’s Facebook Page is FILLED With Anti-Trump Posts

Despite the media’s false reports, the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met with Donald Trump Jr., is not a Russian government official and has no ties to the Kremlin.
The truth is, if Veselnitskaya has ties to anything, it’s Fusion GPS, the anti-Trump firm behind the ridiculous “Trump/Russia dossier.”
What’s even more suspicious is that Veselnitskaya’s Facebook page is riddled with anti-Trump posts.
In December 2015, Veselnitskaya posted a picture of anti-Putin senator John McCain with Russian lawyer Mark Feygin, a man who says he wants to “get rid of Putin’s regime.”

eselnitskaya also promoted an anti-Putin book, “Red Notice” by Bill Browder, on her Facebook page in April of 2016.

On January 21st, the day after Trump’s inauguration, Veselnitskaya posted a picture showing Putin holding a baby with Trump’s head photoshopped onto it’s body, a common meme shared by leftists who say Trump is “Putin’s puppet.”
She also posted multiple photos of anti-Trump rallies.

Do these posts look like anything a Russian government operative would post?
Not only is Veselnitskaya not tied to the Kremlin at all, she is extremely anti-Putin and anti-Trump according to her own Facebook posts, but the mainstream media will continue to ignore these facts
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