Sen. Tim Kaine has always been a couple sandwiches short of a picnic but the statement he made on Tuesday just made my jaw drop!

Sen. Orrin Hatch appears to give the best response to Kaine’s ludicrous claim: “You’ve got to be kidding!”
Kaine apparently has lost whatever mind he ever had. His comments here are so absolutely absurd that even his most ardent supporters (are there any left?) must be wanting him to have both physical and mental examinations immediately, if not sooner.
Is he really THAT mentally unstable, and that ignorant? Or, is his disdain for his “fellow Americans” so thoroughly warped that he genuinely believes that Americans follow what he says? It appears that HIS chickens have come home to roost and it stinks.
Source: Free Beacon
Sen. Tim Kaine (D., Va.) told reporters on Tuesday that the Russia investigation is potentially moving into a “treason” investigation after reports surfaced of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer last summer.
In the wake of New York Times reports on Trump Jr. and other Trump campaign officials meeting with a Russian attorney who they believed had damaging information about Hillary Clinton, Kaine said the probe into obstruction of justice could evolve into something more serious.
“Nothing is proven yet, but we’re now beyond obstruction of justice in terms of what’s being investigated,” Kaine said. “This is moving into perjury, false statements, and even into potentially treason.”
Kaine was Clinton’s running mate in the 2016 presidential election.
Kaine added, “To meet with an adversary to try to get information to hijack democracy. The investigation is now more than just obstruction of justice in investigation.

This is literally one of the most fascinatingly stupid and blindly hypocritical political comments I’ve ever heard. What makes it so, is the source. It’s coming from the former running mate of a candidate who:
  1. Committed the same acts in question, getting or attempting to get op research from a foreign power (In Hillary’s case she and the DNC actually did collude with Ukraine’s government to smear Trump, which is probably why they’re apparently willing to stop at nothing to protect the DNC server from ever being seen by authorities) 
  2. Left a U.S. Ambassador and several staff and soldiers to die in Benghazi, then lied to the families and the nation about her role in the disastrous affair. 
  3. Used her political office (SOS) as a pay to play access scheme in order to enrich herself and her jackass philandering husband. 
  4. Colluded with the prior administration through the Department of Justice to squash an investigation into her provable crimes involving classified info (Which, by the way, she was peddling as part of the above-mentioned pay to play scheme, speaking of “treason” U.S. Senator Tim Kaine)
So far, I haven’t seen anything about the Don Trump Jr. story to indicate anything more than a political newcomer looking for information on an opponent, a practice which has been done since the beginning of democracy itself. But with regard to Hillary Clinton and her joke of a former running mate, this is as clear a case of pointing a finger while three more are pointing back at him as I’ve ever seen. What a colossal buffoon.
What do you think of Kaine’s proclamation about treason? Add your comments below.
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