Sheriff Clarke Delivers HANDS DOWN Best RESPONSE to Don Jr. Russia Meeting

While Democrats and our lying liberal media work overtime to spin nothing into something, in this case regarding a 20-minute meeting Don Jr. had with a Russian lawyer (that amounted to nothing), the American public rolls their collective eyes, knowing Democrats have done SO MUCH WORSE.
Democrats colluded with the Ukraine to “dig up dirt” on President Trump, and then turned over their opposition research to the DNC.
Isn’t that WORSE than what Don Jr. did?
Look, politics is a competition.
To pretend it’s not, and feign some phony (laughable) outrage and take a fake moral high ground, is an insult to all of us who have watched DC swamp creatures operate for our entire lives.
That’s the message Sheriff David Clarke tweeted out in this truth bomb on Sunday.
Well said, Sheriff!

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