SICK! Lying Media Trying to HIDE What Happened to THIS Trump Supporter

When Trump first won the election, the media was reporting non-stop on so-called hate crimes committed by conservatives.
Of course, those all turned out to be a huge hoax, but it’s clear that the media loves reporting on anything that portrays them and liberals as the “victim.”
Meanwhile, Trump supporters are constantly being assaulted, and news networks refuse to report on any of it.
From Infowars
Trump supporter Jovi Val was assaulted in a Brooklyn bar on Friday night last week after he attended the launch party for Milo Yiannopoulos’ new book Dangerous.
Val was dancing when his red MAGA hat fell off. A woman later identified as Emma Rodriguez stepped on the hat and told Val she hated him and his hat.
When Val pushed Rodriguez away to retrieve the hat, Rodriguez’s boyfriend, Leonardo Heinert, struck Val in the face with a beer bottle before then smashing him with the bottle in the back of the head.
Val, Rodriguez and Heinert were all arrested and subsequently released before Val received 15 stitches to close up the huge gash on his face.
The incident was clearly worthy of news coverage given that the man was deliberately attacked for being a Trump supporter.
However, when Rebel TV reporter Laura Loomer attempted to get press attention for the story, she was completely shunned.

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