SNOWFLAKE Alyssa Milano STILL OBSESSED with Russia

Washed up “celebrity” actress Alyssa Milano doesn’t seem to be very astute in the political world, but she certainly hasn’t let that stop her from shooting her mouth off about President Trump.
Milano has recently been mocked, quite thoroughly, for her foolishness and childish behavior in regards to our America First president, but doesn’t appear to have learned her lesson.
Like other aging celebrities, who desperately want to revitalize their stagnant careers, Alyssa has “rebranded” herself as a crusading social justice warrior, frequently using Twitter to embarrass herself by commenting on matters she does not comprehend.
By now, even the most fanatical anti-Trump personalities have given up on the whole “Russia” collusion narrative, but not Milano.
After Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Milano took to Twitter to share her fears that “Russia is attacking us as a nation…”
Liberal insanity at its finest, folks.
Russia is attacking us as a nation not just the democrats. The Republicans don't seem to realize it could be them next.
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