STUDY : 73% of Democrats Would Give Up Liquor for Trump’s Impeachment

Well, this is just desperate and sad.
According to a new study, 73% of Democrats would give up drinking for the rest of their lives if it led to the impeachment of President Trump.
With the levels of insanity coming from liberals lately, it’s surprising to hear, as their unhinged behavior seems to be fueled by liquor and impotent rage.
Luckily for them, that will not happen, and so hitting the bottle is their only option to cope with their severe case of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”
From Breitbart
The survey, released on Thursday, found that 73.3 percent of Democrats would live the rest of their lives as a teetotaler if it meant Donald Trump would be impeached tomorrow, while 17 percent of Republicans would do the same.
The figure also indicated that Democrats would put a high monetary value on a Trump impeachment, with most saying they would accept a minimum of $4,700 to give up alcohol for one year and at least $365,458 to give it up for the rest of their lives. surveyed 1,013 active alcohol drinkers.
Twenty-one percent identified as Republican, 43 percent identified as Democrat, and 36 percent identified as other.
They estimated a five-point margin of error in their results.
The possibility of impeaching Trump has been a point of excitement amongst Democrats since his inauguration in January.
A POLITICO/Morning Consult poll released in May showed increasing support for opening impeachment proceedings against Trump, despite most pro-impeachment respondents not believing that Trump has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.”
Meanwhile, members of the #Resistance movement held nationwide rallies in June in what was dubbed the ‘Impeachment March.’

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