Texas Vows to END Obama’s DACA Amnesty

Texas and nine other states are planning a lawsuit that’s poised to end Obama’s quasi-amnesty program DACA.

The goal of the lawsuit is to freeze or completely shut down the program.
Obama first introduced DACA in 2012, which offers amnesty to the children of illegal aliens.
From Breitbart
“If they include it in the lawsuit in Texas, we all know how this goes,” attorney David Leopold said in a Facebook video late Thursday, June 30.
Texas “Judge [Andrew] Hanen has already ruled that [the 2o14 ‘DAPA’ amnesty] violated the law, and he’s going to do the same thing to DACA.”
President Donald Trump has allowed the DACA program to continue despite his campaign promises to end the amnesty.
But the Texas announcement may be a huge gift to Trump because it could force Democrats to accept pro-American immigration reforms in exchange for a formal legal amnesty of the younger illegals, whose numbers may reach 1 million.
The reforms could include mandatory use of the E-verify system to block company hiring of illegals, a reduction to the annual inflow of 1 million legal immigrants and 1 million contract workers (such as the H-1B white-collar professionals), plus funding for the border wall.
Trump has already sketched out plans for a “merit-based” reform that could help raise the productivity and income of Americans.
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