The AP Now List the Words “Terrorist” or “Islamist” as Politically Incorrect

Good grief.
Just when you thought the liberal media couldn’t be any more ridiculous…
Now, the Associated Press has forbidden using the words “terrorist,” “Islamist,” or even “migrant,” as they are “politically incorrect.”
From Infowars

The 2017 AP Stylebook, intended as a universal guide for writers, censors a number of different words in what clearly betrays the organization’s leftist bias.
In an article for the Hill, Alexander explains how when journalists submit an article to a mainstream media outlet, editors will simply change the offending words and replaces them with politically correct alternatives.
“A pro-life author who submits a piece taking a position against abortion will see the words “pro-life” changed to “anti-abortion,” because the AP Stylebook instructs, “Use anti-abortion instead of pro-life and pro-abortion rights instead of pro-abortion or pro-choice,” she writes.
The words “terrorist” and “Islamist” are also sanitized and replaced with “militant, lone wolves or attackers,” while migrants or refugees are to be referred to as “people struggling to enter Europe”.

“We’re seeing these words increasingly scrubbed from news articles and replaced by politically correct words instead,” Alexander told Fox & Friends.

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